World’s First Mobile Interviewing App Launched (Jami J.)

iPhone and iPad Allow Candidates to Take Interviews On The Go

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – HireVue, developers of remote recruiting platforms, have announced the release of HireVue App™, an app for iPad and iPhone. The new apps help companies accelerate recruiting and improve their candidate experience, enabling candidates to complete digital interviews at their convenience using iPhones and iPads.

HireVue’s video-based On Demand Interviews™ platform are enabling time-shifting of the interview experience, providing candidates and employers with the ability to complete and review interviews at any time. The HireVue App offers candidates a quick and convenient method for completing their digital interviews from anywhere – using their iPhone or iPad. The app also allows employers to reach a more expansive and diverse candidate base around the globe, some of which may not have regular access to computers.
“Top talent is always in demand, and providing candidates with an innovative, unique interview helps companies support a stellar employment brand,” commented HireVue’s CEO, David Bradford. “Nielsen’s recent State of Mobile report shows that smartphone ownership has more than doubled in the past two years and mobile video consumption has increased 35 percent in the last year. With reports that Apple sold more iOS devices in the last year than it sold computers in the company’s history, HireVue App will help our customers meet a vastly growing base of candidates where ever, whenever and however it’s most convenient for them.”
When selected for a digital interview, candidates simply access the app from their interview invite email and complete the interview at anytime, anywhere using the built-in camera and microphone of their favorite mobile Apple device. Candidates can also learn more about the organization by watching employment branding videos, as well as introductions and thank you videos from the hiring manager and recruiting team.
“Our recruiting benchmark research has found that mobile access to systems for interacting with candidates is important in 57 percent of organizations,” said Mark Smith CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research. “HireVue’s approach to embracing smartphones and tablets like Apple iPhone and iPad is a significant advantage for those organizations who are looking to reduce the time to hire that our research finds is a top-ranked recruiting metric in 53 percent of organizations.”
Using HireVue’s other mobile solutions, employers have been able to access the company’s Digital Interview Platform™ – which allows them to review, compare and evaluate On Demand Interviews – from their favorite mobile devices. Empowering employers with deeper insight sooner, According to HireVue, their platform improves management of all interview types – including video, in person, and phone-based interviews. Recruiters and hiring managers can watch, replay, rate and share interviews online, from their desks and mobile devices.


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