Radio firms’ CEO leaving business to his employees (Nicole)


Radio firms’ CEO leaving business to his employees

And that goes beyond competitive wages, health benefits, and 401(k) matches. Their boss has been known to spring for their kids’ wedding and prom limousines, provide for special needs of their ailing family members, and fund local school programs.

So when Petrovitch decided to essentially hand the family business over to his workforce of 30 at the close of 2011, it didn’t necessarily surprise his employees as much as it terrified some of them because of the enhanced responsibility it put on them for the company’s survival.

Thus starts a new chapter at Metropolitan Communications Inc. in Exton and Radio Communications Service Inc. in Eddystone, sister firms serving the wireless-communication equipment and systems-support needs of emergency responders, hospitals, and a variety of other businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.Petrovitch, president, chief executive officer, and second-generation operator, took at least three opportunities in an interview Wednesday to emphasize one thing: “I’m not retiring!”

Rather, he is laying the groundwork for it. About 34 years after he decided to go into the business his father, Joseph, had started in the family home in Marcus Hook in 1955, Petrovitch, 60, determined it was time for succession planning.Passing the business on to his sons wasn’t an option, Petrovitch said. As he explained it, he didn’t become a parent until later in life, and his sons, now 17 and 13, are not “self-formulated.”

Plus, when he flat out asked the older boy about any interest in running the company in the future, Daniel Petrovitch’s reply, according to his father, was: “Dad, would you be upset if I didn’t?”

Though it is a business involving what many young boys might find irresistibly cool – outfitting police cars and fire trucks with all sorts of high-tech equipment – younger son Samuel hasn’t shown any signs of being enthralled with it, either.


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