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Social media at work – over-used and abused? (ANNALISA ALZONA)

There has been a lot in the HR news recently about Social media in the workplace, with some companies banning their employees from using social media completely whilst at work as they think it is being over-used by employees. I heard a story the other day that sounded similar – an employee in a call centre was caught misusing emails, resulting in access to emails being taken away from all call centre staff. This is madness, as you are punishing everyone based on the actions of one person. It’s especially mad in relation to social media, as a recent survey by recruitment provider Hyphen found that 48% of under 24’s said they would not work for a company where social networking tools were banned. To some extent I get it, as tools such as Face Book are somewhat addictive and you could spend hours on there (I’ve just posted how after not going to the gym in months I actually went this morning – but unfortunately fell off the treadmill!) but that’s where a great policy comes in to its own. Your employees are adults who have the right to choose what to do with their downtime whilst at work, but a decent policy will make sure that anyone who abuses it will be held accountable. Putting in a blanket ban in case someone abuses it, or because a handful of people have is no reason to punish everyone – you will just end up disengaging your employees, if they want to come and work for you at all.


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