Make the Super Bowl a Workplace Win

This is about the truths of the day after the Super Bowl at a workplace (fitting for our class).

Ready for Super Bowl Monday? Think creatively about what you can do to harness and capitalize on the Super Bowl’s impact on your workplace. You can make the Super Bowl a workplace win when you find positive ways to enhance team building, motivation, and employee engagement.*, a jobs and career community, asked the pertinent question: Is the Super Bowl good for the workplace? surveyed employees asking what the Super Bowl does to the workplace the Monday after the game. They found:

    • 20% of employees say that employee morale is typically better in the office the day after the Super Bowl.
    • 22% of employees notice, however, that the Monday following the Super Bowl is commonly a less productive day than usual.
    • 8% of employees plan to take the day off following the Super Bowl.
    • 9% of employees plan to take the Monday off as a vacation day.
  • 3% of surveyed employees admit that they plan to call in sick the day after the Super Bowl. also asked employees if their employers offer any type of perks for the Monday after the Super Bowl. Several employees said that they are either allowed to work from home or use the Monday as a flex day. Another employee noted that their weekly Monday morning meeting gets bumped till later in the day on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Other survey respondents said that their employers buy breakfast for employees on the Monday after the game. (I assume to get employees in to work – grin.)

(*At, employees anonymously post their company salaries and review their companies. You might want to see how companies that you know are rated.)

More About Sporting Events In Your Workplace

Global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., created a non-scientific ranking of the top sporting events that potentially affect workplace productivity. These are the top 10 sporting events that you might want to prepare to manage and potentially, turn into plusses for team building and motivation within your company.

In an earlier post, I made several team building suggestions related to March Madness, but applicable to all fan sporting events like the Super Bowl. Managed and celebrated effectively in your workplace, each of these events can contribute to the development of your team work culture.

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