Internal Social Networks May Help Retain Employees?

The link above is to a story that claims that internal social networks may help to retain workers. I disagree with this story because (1) an internal social network does not make me personally want to continue working at my workplace, And (2) I believe employee engagement should start in the workplace not online.

I work for Wal-Mart who does have an up and running network where you can connect with other associates and i have NEVER used it. Never even thought twice about using it. At my workplace the majority of the people that are young rely on Facebook and Twitter to get their social networking fix, and the older workers barely know how to check their schedules online let alone network with other associates. So in this case i do not really see how an internal social network would be beneficial to the company or the associates.

According to the story associates will use internal social networking to voice their opinions about something at work in order to get feedback from each other as well as the organization. Helping to create a pleasurable online experience and also positive outlook towards the organization from the employee. I believe that people would only engage in the social network if they already had a positive outlook towards the organization. What employee with a negative outlook towards their employer is going to go online and engage in the organizations social network?

In my opinion, if organizations want to help retain their employees action should take place at the workplace not online. For example, i should be able to come to my employer with and issue rather than feel the need to get online and bring the issue up with my peers. Interacting with other employees online is not going to change my opinion one way or the other about the organization that i work for, but the way i am treated by my employer and fellow employees at work will.

(Ciara L. Crews)


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This blog and its accompanying Twitter account have been established as social media learning tools for the Internal Communications and Employee Engagement class at Columbia College Chicago. Through this blog, we will share our observations about current events, change management and employee communications theory, and the application of social media in shaping employee engagement.
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