Crayola’s New Product-Making Parents Mad.

Crayola came out with a new product in February that lets kids blow bubbles of their favorite colors. They have been flying off the shelves at 10$ for a pack of 3. The problem with the new product is that when the bubble pops it leaves a neon-bright splash mark that is non-removable when the packaging says “washable.”
Parents are complaining that the bubbles are turning their children into a permeant mess or in other words “the blue bubbles turning them into Smurfs.” It turns the whole top layer of the skin a different color and takes a painful scrubbing to remove it.
Crayola claims that the product should wash off with soap and water like all of there other products and they did have a warning on the packaging that read “do not use indoors or at weddings.”
Crayola is also disappointed because their chemical engineer did tests on the product before the selling date to make sure that the bubble was a bright color but disappeared without a trace.

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(Dana Patti)


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