IPhone still has antenna problems

Just as Apple thought they were on the top of the market with the Verizon iPhone 4 launch and the announcement of the iPad 2, Consumer Reports had found and reported that the iPhone 4 for Verizon had the same problems the AT&T one did.

The antenna problem that they are describing is known as the “death grip”, a spot on the phone’s body where if touched by your pinky or other finger, will completely drop the call or seriously lose service performance. Previously, Apple had attempted to blame manufacturers, AT&T, and early bugs, but now that this problem had resurfaced after had months if not years of preparation, it makes the company look seriously irresponsible for their products, and unreliable.

This is going to be difficult for Apple employees, as they are going to have to deal with numerous unsatisfied customers, as well as work much harder and diligent in order to find a solution for this problem. For the AT&T version, this was simply a phone cover that greatly reduced the chances of the death grip. This will also be a problem for Verizon employees, as they will have to be a lot more lenient and willing to let unsatisfied customers exchange or return their phones so they do not lose their loyalty, or worse, damage their brand image.

–Ashton Esling



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